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VINVIN is a team of wine experts and wine lovers who wish to combine their profound knowledge of wine with a more friendly, personal approach to customers. Our wine experts Corinne and Marcel have previously worked together in venerable firms and, together with Frank, Corinne travelled all over the world in search of more wine knowledge and experience.

VINVIN offers you the best of the world of wine: more than 200 exceptional wines —both high-quality wines from wineries and highly rated allocated wines with limited supply, and the advantage of being personally advised by our motivated wine experts  who truly want to provide you with wines that delight and surprise. So, contact us —we’d love to meet you.

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Wine expert

Corinne Hofland

How did you enter the wine business?
Both my father and grandfather were active in wine business. So, I had a passion for wine, the  different flavours and the stories behind the family domains early on. At the age of 18, I followed my first wine course. After that, I passed all stages of the WSET and followed Master of Wine (MW) studies for 5 years. For almost 20 years, I’ve worked at one of the largest wine importing and distribution companies for on-trade in The Netherlands. After being an (inter)national tasting judge and working on the vinification in Burgundy in 2013, I felt I had seen every corner of the world of wine.

What wines will we find in your personal cellar?
Every year, I visit the Champagne region with Champagne lovers and connoisseurs, you will find mostly Champagne in my cellar: from small growers to top delicate cuvees of well-known Champagne houses. Of course, Burgundy, since I have been working there on the vinification. And finally, considering my love for Italy and Piemonte wines, I have many delicate red wines from the Langhe region.

What’s your ultimate food & wine pairing?
Without a doubt: a pure, delicate and elegant Champagne with a plateau de fruits de mer.

Wine expert

Marcel Just de la Paisieres

How did you get into the wine business?
I found my love for wine when I was studying at Hotel Management School in Maastricht and, more specifically, during my internship at one of the largest wine importers in The Netherlands. I became truly passionate about the world of wine and eventually had the privilege to start my career in a great marketing position. It’s this passion and experience that enables me today, almost 13 years later, to realize my dream with VINVIN.

What’s your favorite wine (moment)?
To just pick one: In August 2018, me, some customers and my friend Ramon Beuk went to Valencia where we visited the restaurant of Alejandro del Toro. Ramon gave chef Alejandro’s Spanish dishes a unique ‘Surinam twist’. It was an unforgettable night, tasting delicious dishes paired with beautifully selected Spanish wines from the Valencian wine region.

What’s your ultimate food & wine pairing?
As an undisputed bon vivant, I would have to say oysters with a lovely glass of Chablis or Sancerre!


Frank Laurentius

How did you get into the wine business?
“Galeotto fu lo Champagne!” —an Italian saying that says it all. My passion for wine started at 19, when I was travelling and working with distributors across Europe. Wine connects and lets you meet many wine friends along the way. Over the years, I developed my taste in wine while exersising my entrepreneurial skills. It’s also my love for wine that led me to Corinne and Marcel —their passion and wine expertise is inspiring.

What’s your favorite wine (moment)?
My motto is “Life is a party”, so I try to make every day count. I love wine tastings at the winery’s cellars — the vineyards, the authenticity, the magic of winemaking and the families behind the wines make me happy. My favorite is Comtes de Champagne.

What’s your ultimate food & wine pairing?
This depends on my mood. Of course, a Comtes De Champagne and a plateau de fruits de mer always gets me out of bed.


Our VINvestors & VINadvocates

“With passion, dedication and expertise, we offer you a superb portfolio of exquisite wines from wineries all over the world. In collaboration with our team of VINvestors and VINadvocates, it’s our mission to change the game and give you the ultimate customer experience.”