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Join the club and take advantage of our VINVIN Exclusive Membership benefits. We offer you access to an exclusive portfolio of more than 300 refined wines of, as well as the pre-registration of highly rated allocated wines with limited supply. And, because a wine journey is never complete, your own personal wine consultant and invitations to our most prestigious wine events.

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VINVIN Exclusive Membership

An exclusive
portfolio of wines

VINVIN offers their members a premium boutique of over 200 refined wines, as well as a collection of highly rated allocated wines with limited supply. For culinary & wine enthusiasts, star restaurants and upscale wine bars alike.


We at VINVIN understand every customer’s relationship with wine is a personal journey. That’s why, in our commitment to deliver a wine shopping experience like no other, we offer our exclusive members access to a wine expert for superior and personal advice.

of special releases

Once a year, wineries release some of their most highly sought-after gems. We offer you a unique collection of allocated wines from the best producers in the world. Of these, some are cult wines and others are limited supply highly rated treasures.

wine events

VINVIN offers its members access to exclusive wine events in beautiful locations. A vineyard in the countryside, a private villa in the heart of the Champagne region, an exquisite art gallery opening. We do everything for the perfect wine & food pairing experience.

“As game changers, we’re never satisfied with the ordinary. That’s why we want to create, improve and innovate the world of wine —from the vineyard to your glass.”


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‘’Rarely a newly-founded wine importer kickstarts like VINVIN. The company is new, the people behind it extremely experienced in wine as well as entrepreneurship. I have enjoyed assisting a bit on the background, creating the portfolio, and will be happy to assist in the future too.‘’

Frank SmuldersMaster of Wine since 1992