Wine gifts

The VINVIN Wines

We like to offer you the opportunity to order the finest wine gifts from us throughout the year. Whether it’s for business relations or you’re looking for a unique gift to give for a birthday or another special occasion, we are happy to help you out!

What about our Favorite Boxes where you have the possibility to select your own wines or champagnes? Or one of our exclusive wines packed in an original wooden wine box with your own (branded) logo?

Take a look at our “gift page” and get inspired to choose the best wine gift! If you have any questions, the professional team of VINVIN Wines will be there to help you!


Favorite boxes

Together with the popular contemporary artist Pablo Lucker, we have developed these unique Favorite boxes. You can select your own wines in our 2 or 6 compartment wine boxes. Do you find it difficult to make a choice? Then choose one of the boxes we offer per month, adapted to the seasons, or just let us advise you!

Big, bigger, biggest

Big, bigger, biggest!

Do you want to present something special during your lunch or dinner, or impress your business relations? Then choose a magnum bottle of champagne or wine! We have a number of exclusive wines and champagnes that we can also offer in magnum format. Have a quick look to see whether your special wine or champagne is among them!


Make an impression, give a tailormade art bottle!

We have a unique collaboration with artist Lauressa Broos who will hand-paint a bottle selected by you. Because of the exclusive cooperation and the limited bottles she releases each year, we would like to explore the possibilities with you.

Special release

Unique gifts

VINVIN Wines has access to the most exclusive and limited wines. Because these wines or champagnes are so rare, they are often only available on “allocation”. This means that you have to register in advance in order to obtain a certain wine. However, from time to time we keep some wines or champagnes extra in stock and thus offer you the opportunity to still get a very special and exclusive gift!


Give craftsmanship

Would you like to get perhaps the most special glassware? The Austrian brand Zalto belongs to the absolute top in glasses. The carafes and wine glasses belong to the most beautiful glassware available on the market. The glassware is hand-blown in Neunagelberg, where the Zalto family has been established for 6 generations. The roots of the Zalto family go all the way back to the cradle of glassblowing, namely Venice in Italy, where glass was already blown at a very high level from the beginning of the 14th century.

As a proud and direct importer of Zalto glassware, we are pleased to offer you the opportunity to order it from us!