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Don’t ever underestimate the impact a well-thought-out wine list can have on the attractiveness of your place of venue. World-class & original wine lists are worth a special journey —a journey VINVIN would love to embark on with you. Our wine experts will help you find the perfect wines from a wide range of wine styles and prices, as well as a mix of vintages in terms of maturity, quality, and style.

Top gastronomy

Top gastronomy

A wine list has to support the philosophy of your restaurant. It’s a list that is built with passion and patience, because a great wine list takes time. Our wine experts at VINVIN can help you find the hidden wine treasures and family domaines for your wine list that reflect your story —it’s all about what you want to present and share with your guests.

Culinary hotspots

Culinary hotspots

In a restaurant, the focus is often on the food and not so much the wine. However, selecting the best-suited wines to pair with your menu that will satisfy your clienteles’ expectation is very important. Our wine experts help you construct a wine list from scratch, that elevates your culinary hotspot to a whole new level.


Upscale wine bars

A wine bar is perfect for getting your clientele out of their comfort zone. So, your wine list should have a trying a large variety of options, both by the glass and by the bottle. The VINVIN wine experts are here for you every step of the way and help you build a wine list worthy of your place.

The added value to our customer

VINVIN’s unique service

  • Carefully selected wine portfolio

    VINVIN offers a hand-selected portfolio of both high-quality wines from wineries and the most exclusive wines from vignerons, as well as a collection of highly rated allocated wines with limited supply. All these exceptionally fine wines were chosen for their purity, sense of place and taste.

  • Expert wine & food pairing advice

    It’s true that star chefs and sommeliers put a lot of thought into how certain wines pair with the carefully thought-out dishes on the menu. But, as with most things in life, there’s always a choice. Our wine experts lend a hand and help you create that perfect wine list.

  • Tailormade and personal service

    VINVIN does not only offer an amazing wine portfolio, but also a personal service and knowhow to grow your business. We give support, advice and bespoke training for restaurants, hotels & bars to help you create an unbeatable wine experience for your customers.

  • Winery experience

    We love to share our love for exclusive wines with you. That’s why we invite you to get in personal touch with our winemakers and experience their passion. Throughout the year, we will organize several winery visits, from Burgundy to Bordeaux and from Rioja to Tuscany.

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‘’ From the beginning, we have been satisfyingly doing business with VINVIN. Not only their wine range, but also their knowledge, genuine interest and passion is unprecedented. With some true gems, of which some very surprising and competitively priced, VINVIN made beautiful and distinguished additions to our internationally renowned wine list. ‘’

Anton VerschellingRestaurant In Den Doofpot, Leiden (The Netherlands)