Wine enthusiasts


If you have a sense of adventure and love to find high-quality wines, VINVIN is for you. Whether you’re a wine lover, private buyer or wine collector, our wine experts can help you choose from a selection of more than 300 refined wines, as well as a collection of highly rated allocated wines with limited supply.

wine lovers

Wine lovers

Impress your dinner party guests with an elegant Bordeaux wine or enjoy a relaxed evening with a mineral Chablis. With appropriate advice on food matching and the stories behind the vineyard, our wine experts will help you get the most out of your wine.


Private buyers

If you are looking for exceptional red, white or sparkling wines that can’t be found at local retail or wine shops, preferably more than a single bottle or case, VINVIN gives you only the very best advice to match your budget.

Wine collectors

Wine collectors

When it comes to collecting wines, you might discover that you would love to know more about the hidden treasures in the world of wine. Wine collecting isn’t simply a matter of buying many bottles. We help you with your research and advise you on how to craft or expand your wine collection the best way possible.


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‘’ In my role as culinary advisor, I’m really looking forward to the unique partnership with VINVIN. The team consists of true professionals with a visionary view on the world of wine. They offer a fantastic portfolio of quality wines, which I would love to pair with some of my signature dishes. ‘’

Ramon BeukChef, teacher & entrepreneur