Bon Vivant is all about the mediterranean lifestyle and its passion for good food and wine. Bon Vivant offers wines that capture the relaxed, simple and spontaneous spirit of the best wine regions.

We offer a tasteful, accessible, affordable quality wine for any location and occasion in combination with a positive feeling because of the name Bon Vivant. Our wines bring something extra to the table: feeling of happiness, of celebration!


Bon Vivant

And we reach out to all free spirits in the world who just like us believe, that life tastes good and that it should be enjoyed to the fullest. Yes, we are the ones who celebrate life, together with our friends and lovers. We create, collect and cherish those special moments, when we feel free, alive and kicking.

For those memorable moments we bottled our elegant Bon Vivant assortment of tasteful quality red, rose and white wines, grown in authentic and sustainable vineyards. Accessible and affordable for any occasion & location.

BON VIVANT helps you explore different wines from multiple regions by selecting only the best wines for our brand”.


Our philosophy

We are on a mission. To bring more joy to the world. Encouraging people to celebrate life more often. In a stylish and responsible way. To live life like a Bon Vivant!

  • Wines from multiple regions

  • Explore unique tastes from all over Europe

  • Noble quality from vine to the glass


Our wines

BON VIVANT is a quality wine brand that helps you create new memories for lifetimes to come. With an outstanding wine assortment of white, red and rosé wine we are sure to have you glasses full for every moment. Within no time you’ll make BON VIVANT a staple in your home to celebrate everything that needs the clinking of glasses.


Bon Vivant Chardonnay

Made from a selection of only the best Chardonnay vineyards, this a well balanced and elegant style of Chardonnay. With a combination of tropical fruits, white flowers and a touch of oak this wine will be good company for any occasion and a wide range of food pairings. The wine stays on its lees with regular batonnage for an intense palette. 20% of the wine matures for 6 months in French oak barrels for a well-balanced result between Its freshness and the touch of oak.

Elegant dress with green reflections Intense nose and elegant woody taste that combine perfectly with the presence of notes of white flowers. Round on the palate with a remarkable finish, persistent, fresh and fruity.


Bon Vivant Pinot Noir

The Pinot Noir grapes come from the northern hills in the Languedoc, giving the grapes a nice balance between the sunlit vineyards while benefiting from the chalky soil called ‘Terres Blanches’, which is ideal for growing Pinot Noir to remain fresh and elegant.

The wine has a light purple color with morello cherry flavors. Expressive nose of wild strawberries, fresh black currants, mint and a touch of smoak. The palate is round, light and long with a remarkable peaty and vegetal finish.