Zalto Glasperfektion


Zalto glasses have earned and maintained cult status within the international wine world. The delicate, feather-light stemware is highly appreciated by wine makers and wine enthusiasts alike and has set new standards with its distinct Denk’Art series.


Zalto Glasperfektion

“ The Zalto Denk’art series covers the entire spectrum of grape varieties and offers a compact series of glasses which allows every beverage to optimally present its character. It has the desire to honour your personal preferences, encouraging you to taste the same product from different glasses to discover the personal ideal combination of the beverage of choice and a glass. Each glass is hand-crafted, dishwasher-safe, chrystal-clear and lead-free and blown to the angle of inclination of the Earth to allow a wine to reach its utmost potential. ”

I’ve been doing a few comparisons with the Zalto and other glasses. I’m impressed enough to covet some Zalto.” – David Schildknecht

“The glasses that have most impressed me recently, from Zalto are the thinnest and most delicate I have come across and would give any serious wine lover a real thrill over the closeness of contact they offer.” – Jancis Robinson

“However, perhaps Zalto are to become the new benchmark in glass culture.” – Robert Girgone

Unique Characteristics

Zalto Craftsmanship

From the first touch, each Zalto glass distinguishes itself from all other glasses. From the perfectly executed balance to the extraordinary design, the achievement of the Denk`Art line are glasses that seem nearly too delicate to hold, and yet they are made for just that.

  • Handblown

  • Dishwasher qualified

  • Lead-free chrystal glass

  • The perfect angle for the perfect flavour