VINreporter Mark Weijman

Mark Weijman starts as VINreporter at VINVIN Wines

As of 4-3-2022, wine enthusiast Mark Weijman will start as wine reporter at VINVIN Wines. As a VINreporter, he will review and write about the current wine trends and developments and keep the VINfans and VINfriends up to date with the latest wine news.

Mark will co-create articles and blogs about the newest additions in our wine portfolio, explains everything about wine and gastronomy and will review the exclusive VINevents which will come up this year.

Mark Weijman: “I am really looking forward to taking my passion for wine on this new adventure. VINVINwines as a company reviews the current wine industry with a brand-new perspective, supported by its high quality wines which each represent a unique story to tell. With a critical eye on the future, VINVINwines is able to bring the best of the world’s wines to the surface. Therefore, it’s a unique opportunity for me to join this team of passionate wine experts and to report all the wine news about what will happen next.”

Are you interested in all Mark’s wine stories? Please find his blogs and articles at the blog page or social media channels.

About Mark Weijman

Mark’s passion about wine started with his career at Restaurant Het Koetshuis, awarded with one Michelin star. As part of the restaurant team, he became acquainted with fine wines from around the world. To learn the techniques of tasting, analyzing and serving the wine felt like magic. To make a day special with a good glass of wine to guests was not a job but a joy.

After the ‘Hospitality’ vocational education at the Vakschool Wageningen he continued his studies at the BA Hospitality Hotel School of Leeuwarden. During his hotel school years at Leeuwarden, he enjoyed a 6 months WSET-3 course at the Cape Wine Academy of Stellenbosch.

Once back in The Netherlands he started working as a marketeer at De L’Europe hotel in Amsterdam, a member of The Leading Hotels of the World. His devoted passion for wine and his marketing experience led later to a role as Brand Manager at one of the largest Dutch wine distributors. In this role he executed the marketing plans for some European wineries for the Dutch on-trade market. At this point, he met Corinne and Marcel and became everlasting wine friends. To develop and grow his knowledge about wine, Mark started the ‘Gastronomy & Sommelier Course’ at the Academy of Gastronomy in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands.

Mark Weijman