Alvaro Palacios - Grandes Vinos Clásicos

SPAIN, Rioja

Alvaro Palacios, whose family owns Rioja’s respected Palacios Remondo, is considered the leading man of the Spanish winemaking revolution of the 80s. He currently owns a ‘small wine kingdom’  and produces some of the best wines from his three bodegas — in Rioja, in Priorat and in Bierzo — under the name of “Grandes Vinos Clásicos. 

Winemaker & owner

Alvaro Palacios

“ Alvaro Palacios, whose family owns the prestigious Rioja Bodega, spent two years at Jean-Pierre Moueix’s Château Pétrus before embarking on a wine adventure and setting up on his own in Priorat in 1989. He was involved in the modern renaissance of this forgotten wine region by producing a wine called ‘L’Ermita’, which has become a true symbol of Priorat worldwide. Today, Palacios is considered one of Spain’s most sensational and influential winemakers and one of the best in the world. ”

Beginning in Priorat, and expanding to Bierzo and Rioja, Alvaro Palacios has been an untiring voice for the idea that great wine can only be made through uncompromising viticulture and winemaking.


Our philosophy

Alvaro Palacios produces world-class wines by using fruit from extremely low-yielding old vines and applying very modern winemaking techniques.

  • Alvaro Palacios is one of Spain’s most sensational and influential winemakers

  • Palacios comes from the large and esteemed Rioja winemaking family of Bodegas Palacios Remondo

  • Respect for terroir in Rioja, Priorat and Bierzo

  • World class and world top reputed wines


Our wines

The wines from Alvaro Palacios – Grandes Vinos Clásicos are elegant, enveloping with pure expressions of their terroir.


Quiñón de Valmira 2018, Rioja

The grafting of old clones and years of toil by the visionary Álvaro, all to restore the glorious potential of Rioja Baja’s Garnacha bush vines and heady terroir. Sublime florals and a seductively ripe palate.

The wine is very pale and ethereal, but it has incredible power and depth. There is great harmony and elegance here, with very good freshness. A light to medium burgundy; nose of smoke, rubber and floral notes; taste of cherry and licorice. Elegant and medium full body with a wonderful balance. The finish lasts with refined tannins.


Finca Dofí 2018, Priorat

From Alvaro’s original vineyard, Finca Dofí is a blend of Garnacha, Cabernet and Syrah. Like L’Ermita, Dofí combines power and richness with great breed and finesse. In most Priorat tastings that do not include L’Ermita, Dofí is the clear winner.

It’s round and lush, spherical, but with a spike of freshness. Fresh and mineral nose with raspberry, mint, blackberry and pepper, followed by a complex palate of spices, fresh red fruit, vanilla and eucalyptus. Beautiful acidity, nice tannines, warm glow and very long finish.

Luis Gutierrez – The Wine Advocate: 96+/100


Moncerbal 2018, Bierzo

Bierzo’s principal grape is the obscure, indigenous red variety Mencía. While Bierzo is a relatively new wine appellation, it has a wealth of very old vines, planted on extremely steep hillsides, and in this respect it much resembles the Priorat region. Bierzo has rocketed onto the world wine stage in recent years, and no one is more responsible than Alvaro Palacios and his nephew Ricardo Perez. They started this winery in 1999 with a goal of crafting singular wines from Bierzo’s old vine variety, Mencia.

Balanced tannins with ripe fruit, vanilla and cedar wood There’s not a lot of acidity, but impressive depth, nuance and complexity.

Parker: 98+/100