Tenuta Baron

Italy Veneto

Tenuta Baron is located in Fonte, a pre-Alpine town in the province of Treviso. The property extends for ten hectares and is governed by Villa Peschicini, construction of the late ‘600 and ancient royal residence, the King of Italy, Vittoria Emanuele II, in fact, loved to stay in these hills. The villa is located at the center of the estate and is surrounded by the park with centuries-old trees, avenues of centuries-old olive trees and the vineyard on all sides. Thus, creating a small natural eco-system.


A dream came true in the ’70s, when Domenico “Nico” Baron bought Peschicini villa in Fonte (TV). Immediately begins the restoration of the buildings, the restoration of the old vineyard and the reconstruction of the park. After 40 years of work, which in the middle have seen the construction of the cellar, dug into a hill, Tenuta Baron is in full splendor. Now his wife and children, with the help of Andrea Sbrissa, bring all the efforts of Nico from the land to the bottle, which always watches attentively with passion and enthusiasm.

Winemaker & owner

Tenuta Baron

The philosophy of Tenuta Baron is that wine is made in the vineyard, starting from sustainable and precision agriculture. For this reason, they never use herbicide, they work in the vineyards only with hand and don’t use any synthesis fertilizers. The wine-making and storage cellar of steel-refining wines is located north of the estate and is dug into the hillside, creating a naturally air-conditioned environment, where temperatures never exceed to 19/20 °C even in the hottest periods of the year. All this helps to have a great freshness and longevity in the wines.

From Tenuta Baron hill you can enjoys breathtaking views of the Pedemontana del Grappa, one of the best views is over the town of Asolo, a medieval village loved in the story by many poets, painters and artists. Even the Venetian nobility loved to walk among the hills of this beautiful town, this is due to the mild climate and ventilated by the closeness with the Dolomites and the Alps.

“The passion for nature is our greatest motivation.”


Our philosophy

Expression from the vineyard to the bottle by selecting only the best grapes from different plots, harvested by hand as tradition dictates.

  • Property owned by the Baron Family

  • Located in the heart of the Prosecco valley

  • Completely restored the vineyards and cellar to the newest standards

  • Sustainable winemaking & SQNPI certification


Our wines

 Tenuta Baron is focused on creating high quality prosecco’s from only the best grapes. They work completely sustainable and select only the best grapes to express the vineyard’s terroir in the bottle. The philosophy of Tenuta Baron is that wine is made in the vineyard, starting from sustainable and precision agriculture.

Superiore DOCG

Brut Asolo Prosecco

100% Glera, Veneto, Italy.

A refined, yellow color with shiny green rims of creamy perlage. A rich bouquet, freshness of wisteria and the fragrance of white pear . A dry and perfectly balanced palate, an extraordinary length.

90 points James Suckling

Superiore DOCG

Asolo Prosecco Extra Dry

100% Glera, Veneto, Italy

An elegant color, bright straw yellow with an harmonious perlage. A bouquet of flowers, the intensity of green apple and sophistication of white peach. An unexpected palate, the caress of the bubbles and the liveliness of the fruity taste.

90 points James Suckling

Superiore DOCG

Brut Rosè delle Stelle

100% Glera, Veneto, Italy

A dreaming color, a sunset in the glass. A bewitching bouquet, the vivacity of citrus, floral freshness. An intense palate, the fragrance of the rose hips, the depth of the berries.