Weingut Tschida

Austria, Neusiedlersee

Quality sweet wines made by Hans Tschida, who wins national and international awards year after year and are found on the wine lists of fine restaurants all around the world.

Austria, Neusiedlersee

Weingut Tschida

The story of the winery began in 1982, when they made our the first wine. At that time, winemaking was a sideline profession. In 1993, however, they decided to dedicate their selves wholly and completely to wine growing. Today, they cultivate 40 hectares of vineyards, 70% of which are planted with white grapes that are ultimately vinified almost entirely as sweet wines.

They create their quality sweet wines exclusively through controlled – slow and cool – fermentation in stainless steel tanks or in small oak barrels. Each grape variety, each vineyard and each vintage are different, and they require plenty of experience and intuition – that special feeling for wine. Each vintage is an enriching experience for the cellar and for the work. And for the being.

“Our wines are characterized by a uniquely balanced style and varietal typicity, even with a high predicate. “Sweet wine in perfection” is the motto of the house.”

Winemaker & owner

Weingut Tschida

Hans Tschida married Lisa, the daughter of the small winery Angerhof, and decided to became a winemaker. In 1982, together with his wife, he took over the winery with 6 hectares of vineyards and started with focusing on learning the skills and developing his experience. In 1988 the time had come and Hans filled his first own wines. 1993 was his first big year. The foreign press was impressed by the ‘Trockenbeerenauslese’ wines. From then on it only went crescendo and now he belongs to the 10 best sweet winemakers in the world. The company in Illmitz is currently 20 hectares in size. All vineyards have a prime location in the Seewinkel National Nature Park (a bird paradise).

Weingut Tschida is located in the Nationalpark Neusiedlersee/Seewinkel and this region offers optimum conditions for the production of special sweet wines of highest quality. The mild pannonian climate and lots of small salt waterlakes – in between are the vineyards– cause warm days, cool nights and the important humidity needed for the “Botrytis cinerea”. Sandy soils, gravel and mineral soils as well as black earth soils characterize the wines. The sweet wines win national and international awards year after year, and are found on the wine lists of fine restaurants and retailers around the world.


Our philosophy

Exclusive sweet wines, winning awards year after year.

  • Sweet wines with clear fruit and a perfect balance between residual sugar and acidity

  • Unique terroir due to the botrytis cinerea conditions

  • Sweet winemaker of the year 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2019, 2021, 2022


Our wines

Quality sweet wines made by Hans Tschida, who wins national and international awards year after year and are found on the wine lists of fine restaurants all around the world.

Illmitzer Spätlese

Austria, Neusiedlersee, Spätlese, 100% Scheurebe

Fine tropical notes, freshness from the first moment, tangerine juice and nashi pear, passion fruit, white grapes, zesty, mineral, shamrocks; creamy and equipped with interwoven, fragile acidity, wonderful drinking flow with a small citrus kick in the finish; complex freshness!


Auslese Muskat Ottonel

Austria, Neusiedlersee, Auslese, 100% Muskat Ottonel

Citric scents and apricot sorbet meet snow-white flowers, notes of blue lilac caress the nose; juicy and with good structure, a fruity acidity brings cool freshness, very delicate and mineral, gentle lemon sorbet and some delicate lavender blossom in the long finish.



Austria, Neusiedlersee, Beerenauslese, Scheurebe, Chardonnay & Bouvier

A dance of papaya and hay flowers, clover blossoms, apricot jelly embraces the nose, invigorating acidity, the nuances of ripe yellow pear and the hint of liquid meadow blossom honey and waving ears of corn bring summer back to life; in the final a fine citrus arch and ringlets.