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Want to be surprised every month with the most exclusive wines?

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We are happy to offer you the opportunity to receive our Favorite Box every month, containing 6 wines, specially selected by our wine experts that are also sharply discounted.

With every Favorite Box you receive a card with a QR code from us that gives access to unique videos of, among others, the winemakers themselves, the professional team of VINVIN Wines or wine enthusiasts who would like to share their passion with you!



We have added a description to each wine so that you can enjoy the seasonal wines during the best occasions.

To complete the experience of the unique Favorite Box, the boxes were designed by contemporary artist Pablo Lucker.

Benefits 6 – compartment Favorite Box subscription

Receive 6 exclusive and unique wines monthly

You benefit from a very competitive deal

The exclusive wines of the box have a value of more than 130 euros

The best wine-food combinations are shown

The subscription can be paused or stopped free of charge

Now for only 100 euros per month

Excluding 7.50 euros shipping costs

Get to know the wines of VINVIN Wines in a distinctive way

The wines can easily be ordered via the webshop

If you are a season ticket holder, you even get a 10% discount

The seasonal wines are selected by our wine experts

2 – compartment Favorite Box subscription

In addition to the 6-compartment box subscription, you can also sign up for the 2-compartment box subscription.

Just like with the 6-compartment subscription, we send seasonal wines. In addition, you can find all information about the two wines on the landing page with the best wine-food combinations that we make especially for you.

The box costs 45 euros per month including 7.50 euros for shipping costs.

Finally, the 2-compartment box can also be paused or stopped free of charge.

The 2-compartment box is an excellent way to get to know the more exclusive wines of VINVIN Wines in a fun way.



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