Jean-Pierre Moueix

FRANCE, Bordeaux

Family run since 1937, the winery has become internationally renowned —a hallmark for the top wines of Bordeaux. Today, it is also the owner and producer of several prestigious crus, including Château La Fleur-Pétrus, Château Trotanoy, and Château Hosanna in Pomerol; Château Bélair-Monange Premier Grand Cru Classé in Saint-Émilion; and, in Napa Valley, California, Dominus Estate and Ulysses.

Winemaker & owner

Christian Moueix

“ Christian Moueix joined the family business in 1970. In the desire to achieve the highest quality, meticulous selection processes are used such as reducing the size of the crop through de-budding, canopy management and green harvests (practiced by Christian Moueix for the first time in 1973). Passionate about viticulture, he added to the firm’s vineyard holdings through the acquisition of remarkable vineyard sites. Today, it is also the owner and producer of several prestigious crus in Pomerol, Saint-Émilion and Napa Valley, California. 

What makes a great wine? A great wine, for me, is a wine that travels well. It’s like an individual.” – Christian Moueix.


Our philosophy

The philosophy of the Jean-Pierre Moueix is simple: to produce exceptional wines, one must start with great fruit, possible only by cultivating impeccable vineyards and exercising the utmost respect towards nature.

  • Negociants & proprietaires in Bordeaux and California since 1937

  • Internationally renowned

  • The company is the largest wine merchant on the Right Bank, distributing fine wines from Bordeaux and California worldwide.


Our wines

The wines from Jean-Pierre Moueix, are crafted with care to express the nuances of fruit and terroir from these storied appellations.